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As far as I am aware, this is the only site in existence on the great but sadly now defunct hard-core (how the definition of that style of music seems to have changed....) band from Melbourne.  My brother and I used to watch them quite regularly in 1993-95, when I was 14-16.  They broke up in 1996, after releasing two albums and an EP.  At the height of their popularity they scored some big gigs, supporting Body Count, Sepultura, Ministry, Killdozer and Fear Factory, and also played at the Big Day Out (when it was good!).

If anyone has any articles or reviews or anything else on Suiciety which they could post or email me, it'd be much appreciated. I'm looking for more material to put up on this site. It's finally having an overhaul (about four years too late!)...... It's still not complete, but better than it was before. I have a few gig fliers and possibly an article or two somewhere at home, and I'll put them up when I dig them out of my cupboard.