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As far as I am aware, this is the only site in existence on the great but sadly now defunct hard-core band from Melbourne.  My brother and I used to watch them quite regularly in 1994-95, when I was 15-16.  They broke up in 1996, after releasing two albums and an EP.  At their peak they scored some big gigs, supporting Body Count, Sepultura, Ministry, Killdozer and Fear Factory.

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   Deeper Vision (LP) 1993, Shagpile Records

   Primrose Path (LP) 1994, Shagpile Records

   Cell (EP) 1995, BMG

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Vocals: Adam Cooper
Guitar: Karsten Poll
Bass and Backing Vocals: Stefan Poll
Drums: Cameron McNiven
Guitar and Backing Vocals: Ramon Varela

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Suiciety were formed sometime before their debut album, Deeper Vision was released in 1993 (well obviously).  They were around in 1992, but I'm not sure when they actually got together.  If anyone wants to fill me in on that, feel welcome.  They played many gigs around Melbourne and interstate, and attracted the attention of some big bands are music industry high rollers.  I first saw them when they supported Body Count at Festival Hall in October 1993, then watched them at Pushover at Olympic Park that November.  They had supported Fear Factory at EV's in Croydon earlier in the year.  The band played at the Big Day Out in January 1994, and supported Sepultura at Festival Hall later in the year, putting on an impressive show.  When Ministry were over for the BDO in 1995, Suiciety supported their club show at the Palace.

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