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This page has more pics I took at league matches at Goodison.  Well actually, only one match, against Forest at the end of January 1999. That was the last game I went to, because I left England a few days later. Just my luck, I leave and miss out on KC, decent Franny, and high-flying Joe-Max...

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Home Games 2

At the kick-off of the Forest match, obviously taken from the Upper Bullens stand.  Why anyone thinks we need to move from this ground baffles me.

Shocking game, this

Same game, a different view of the Park End for a change.  This was my first time in the Upper Bullens.  Wouldn't mind sitting up here more often, but it's too expensive.

But at least I got to sit near John Parrott

I like this view because you can see St Luke's and the terraced houses behind it.

Which was kinda nice

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