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This page has pics I took at league matches away from Goodison.  Not many yet, but with any luck I'll get back over soon to take some more.  I've only taken photos at a few away games.  They wouldn't let me at West Ham. Tight bastards.

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Away Games

I took this pic after (Ooh Aah) Micky Madar scored on debut down at Selhurst Park v Palace in 1998.  A rare win with me in attendance.  Didn't big Slav get sent off again?

Go mad - big Micky's scored!!  Woohoo!!

Mate, fair dinkum - this place is a disgrace.  Pride Park, Derby.  Imagine we'd moved to a dump like this.  Bloody hell.  The only good thing about this day was seeing Graham Stuart score.  Cheap, small, shitty, no atmosphere, in the middle of nowhere, no pubs, nothing.

What a dump!

My one and only visit to Old Trafford.  Well at least I've been there more than 95% of Man Utd fans.  Most haven't even friggin heard of the place.  Boxing Day 1997, shocking display, nuff said.

At Scumville

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