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Links to some rather tremendous sites! Let me know if any no longer exist.

English Sport Links

ToffeeWeb: The best Everton website
Satis Fanzine: Everton fanzine
Official EFC site: It's actually pretty good these days
When Skies Are Grey: Everton fanzine
The Blues: Another good EFC site
Soccernet: EFC section
Speke From The Harbour: The other Everton fanzine
St Helens unofficial site: Great work
Unofficial St Helens homepage: St Helens RLFC stuff
Sig's St Helens Photographs: Hmmm, what could this be?
Knowsley Road History Website: St Helens' history
Official St Helens RLFC site: The mighty Saints

Australian Sport Links

St Kilda Football Club: The greatest club in Australia
St George RLFC: Australia's best rugby league club!
St George-Illawarra: A well established unofficial site
Jubilee Avenue: A super Dragons site
Saints on TV: Another good St George site
NRL: Australia's official league site
Darryl's Rugby League Page: Guide to Australian RL
Official AFL site: Australian Football League's site
Cyber Moorabbin: If we can't have the real thing...
Ray's Bay 36 St Kilda page: Guys who stood up the back at Waverley
St Kilda Fanatics' Center: This site is pretty flash
Go Saints: Site with shitloads of StKFC stuff
The Mighty Saints: Includes a Nicky Winmar section!
E-Saint: A snazzy site on the Sainters

Australian Music Links

The Meanies: These guys rule
Anarion: Good shit - check 'em out!
Triple R FM: The equal best radio station in the universe!
PBS FM: The world's other best station :)
Alarum: Another tremendous metal band from Melbourne
The Berzerker: These guys go...berzerk
Metal Mayhem: Melbourne's best record store
Earth: More rockin' Melbourne metal
Ausmetal: Australian metal web site
Loud: Online metal magazine
Screaming Symphony: Power & Prog metal show on PBS
Utopia import records: Sydney's best record shop
Melbourne Metal: Metal from, um, Melbourne
Blood Duster: Official site of the vile boys from Melbourne
Dreadnaught: The Taswegian/Melburnian band's official site
Alchemist: One of Australia's best bands, IMHO
Alchemist: Another good unofficial site
Augogo records: Good shit
Necrozine: Online metal mag
Online Magazine: As above
Midnight Oil Homepage: Nice Oils official site
The Espy: St Kilda's wunderbar pub

International Music Links

Ultimate Metal: Message boards and all sorts
Death: Thanks Chuck
Iron Maiden: Run to the hills.
At The Gates: One of my favourite bands. They rocked.
Opeth: This band is fucking awesome
Opeth's Domain: A very good unofficial site
A Land Forlorn - Opeth: Ditto
Arch Enemy: Doesn't get much better than this
Entombed: The Swedish metal legends
Napster: Use it - fuck Metallica
Black Sabbath: Generals gathered in their masses
Supergrass: Appears to be the official site
The Strange Ones: A pretty schnazzy Supergrass site
Alice In Chains: These guys used to be great
Alice Cooper: From The Inside
Website of the Year: Faith No More stuff
Faith No More/Mr Bungle WebRing: Sites on the weirdos
Carcass: Liverpool's finest
Carcass Lyrics Dictionary: This could really come in handy.... :)
The Haunted: These guys rock
Suicidal Tendencies: All I wanted was a Pepsi, just one Pepsi...
Nuclear Blast America: A rather good metal label
Century Media: Metal label with quite a few good bands.
Hevy Devy Records: SYL, Ocean Machine, Zimmer's Hole etc.
The Church of Devin Townsend: Australian site on SYL's frontman
Earache Records: Home of Carcass, At The Gates etc.
Route 666: Loadsa metal stuff
Extreme Souls: Indonesian metal
Heavy Metal at A vast amount of info on various types of metal
Death Metal: Some nice easy listening music
Metalweb: Heavy metal web ring
Mega's Metal Asylum: Loadsa stuff on metal

Travel and Leisure Links

See Liverpool: Great site on the great city
Lonely Planet: Excellent site for all travellers
City of Liverpool: Liverpool City Council's site
Bootsnall: Another excellent travel site
Fodors Travel: Site of the travel book writers
Indonesia: One of my second homes
The Great Buildings Collection: Architecture from around the world
City of Cape Town: This city is great too
Yorkshire Tourist Board: England's great county
British Travel Authority: Good stuff on Britain
Destination Australia: Australian travel site
Tourism Tasmania: Australia's best state
Focus on Tasmania: Another handy site
Tourism Victoria: Where I'm from
The Guide to Melbourne's Pubs & Clubs: Get down and boogie
Indonesia Tourism WebRing: Indonesian travel sites
Travelmate: For those sick of travelling alone
Currency converter: Pretty self-explanatory really
The Rough Guide: Travel site
Beer: One of my favourite subjects
Links to UK beer pages: Lots of cool beer sites
The Great Aussie Beer Page: Comprehensive beer page
Fantasy Art: Guide to loads of artists' work

Press and TV Links

The Age: Melbourne's leading newspaper
Doncaster Free Press: Donny's local rag that ain't free
The Guardian: World's best newspaper!
The Twelfth Man: Maaarvellous site this
The BBC: British Broadcasting Corporation
ITV: Another British TV station
Channel 4: One more British TV station
ABC: Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Rotten Tomatoes : Film reviews
Star Wars: Official site
The British Comedy Library: Stuff on British comedians, largely focusing on the early 1980s
The Young Ones: Good site of the great show of the early 1980s The site that farts in your general direction
South Park: I think everyone probably knows this show by now....

Other Links

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