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Dad, Rachel, Sarah and me at Goodison after the Leicester match in January 99

Why the hell would I support Everton?

I never really had any choice but to support Everton. When we made the cup final in 1984 Dad had the lounge covered in streamers, which must have made me quite excited as a 5 year old. We won the cup and I like John Bailey's hat, so I was an Evertonian from then on I guess. When Mum and Dad brought me back a shirt from Goodison in January 1985, there was no turning back! As the side became a bit crappish at the start of the 1990s, and the highlights shown after my bedtime, I lost touch for a few years, relying on Dad to tell me the results. I got back into it a bit more once I started staying up late. I waited years to go to Goodison, finally getting there in April 1997 for the match v Spurs. It was the first time I'd seen them since the tour of Australia a decade before. It's just a shame we didn't have a better team when I was over. I went back over to the UK in Nov 98 for a couple of months, and saw eight games but only a couple of wins. I wish we'd had King Kevin Campbell back then. The picture above is of Dad, sisters Rachel and Sarah, and me at Goodison after the Leicester match in January 1999.
Dave Watson, my hero

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