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1. John Howard
2. Pauline Hanson - where is she now though?
3. Tony Abbott - prince of darkness
4. Richard Alston - conservative fuddy-duddy tosser.
5. Peter Costello - complete wanker.
6. Jeff Kennett - pretty much just a dickhead.
7. Peter Reith - thank feck he's gone now.
8. Andrew Bolt - the wanker right-wing journalist to end all wanker right-wing journalists.
9. Gerard Henderson - just behind Andrew Bolt.
10. Amanda Vanstone - this fatty doesn't deserve to be alive.
11. Phillip Ruddock - pure evil.
12. Janet Albrechtsen - Latham was right.


1. William Hague - a martian if ever there was one
3. Margaret Thatcher - evil
4. British employers - pay slave wages for unskilled labour
5. Smug RS fans
6. Manc Scum - almost as bad as the RS
7. Anyone with a posh accent, or even worse, a pretend one
8. Past and present governments who sell arms to the likes of Indonesia
9. Peter Johnson - Everton fans will obviously know what I mean
10. Tony Blair - piss off and give a proper Labour man the job.
11. George W Bush - President of the United States?! Jesus Christ!


1. Former Indonesian president Suharto
2. Backstreet Boys - these wankers need to be beaten around the head with an iron bar
3. Zimbabwe's President Mugabe
4. Any perpetual love-song singers
5. Most modern popular music
6. Those people who call that absolute shite "R&B", when it bears absolutely no relation to Rhythm and Blues.
7. Former Malaysian president Mahathir

Not Quite A Disgrace, But You Shit Me

1. Anyone involved with reality TV. Please get it off our screens and start producing quality television.
2. TT and Fox FM. What shite!! For little kiddies and people who are just about over the hill. And dickheads too.
3. Channel 10 reporters. Try stopping talking like dickhead news reporters, and sounding like normal people for a change.
4. Mike Sheahan. What a wanker.

By the way, please don't take this page too seriously.