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Bands I've Seen

I've seen a few bands since I started going to gigs in 1993, many I like, some I don't. Bands I can remember seeing somewhere or other, in alpahabetical order, in each year include the following:

2007 - Dreadnaught, Five Star Prison Cell, Ghostwriters, Guns 'n Roses, Jack Howard, Lord, The Losers, The Meanies, Nursery Crimes, Rose Tattoo, Sebastian Bach, Sodom, Terrorust

2006 - Alarum, Arch Enemy, Bowelmouth, The Deadthings, The Eternal, Living Colour (3), The Losers, The Meanies, Megadeth, Nursery Crimes (2), Opeth, Sebastian Bach, Soulfly, Vanishing Point

2005 - Alarum, Anarion (2), Arch Enemy, The Bakelite Age, Children of Bodom, Cosmic Psychos, Dungeon (2), Five Star Prison Cell, The Hard Ons, Joe Satriani, The Losers (2), Megadeth, The Meanies (3), Nightwish, Overhead Projectors, Pathogen, Screaming Jets, Slight of Build, Vanishing Point, Velvet Revolver

2004 - Abrasion, Anarion, Daysend (2), Dreadnaught, Earth, Entombed, International Karate, Opeth, Overhead Projectors, Machine Head, The Meanies (3), Slight of Build, Steve Vai

2003 - Alarum, Alchemist, Anarion, Blood Duster, Chalice, Dungeon, Earth (2), Enter Twilight, The Haunted, Manic Opera, The Meanies (2), Omnium Gatherum, Opeth, Phantombola, Psycroptic, Sanityz Cage, Temtris

2002 - Burgerkill, Crusade, Disinfected, Haze, Hell Gods, Insanal Maut, Jasad, Last Warning, Mortality (2), Neurotic of Gods, Nocternity, Restless

2001 - Abramelin, Abrasion, Alarum, Alchemist, Alice Cooper, Amethyst (twice), Atomizer (2), The Berzerker, Blood Duster, Bon Jovi, Bowelmouth, Corrosion of Conformity, Cradle of Filth, Crimson Fire, Devin Townsend, Dread, Dreadnaught (3), Dungeon (2), Earth (4), Enter Twilight (2), Eyefear (2), Fantomas, Fez Perez, FMC, Frankenbok (3), Hellspawn (2), Jimmy Barnes (yay), King Oath, Kymera (2), Kynan, Lo-tel, Machine Head, Maladiction, The Meanies, Megadeth, Midnight Oil, Misery, Monstrous Blues (2), Order of Chaos, Pantera, Paul Rodgers, Polaris, Praetorian, Psikore, Psychrist, Running With Scissors, Sith, Slayer, Truth Corroded, Vanishing Point (4), Within Blood

2000 - Abrasion, Alarum, Blood Duster, Dieode, Dread, Dreadnaught, Earth, The Ember Tide, Fantomas, Magic Dirt, The Meanies, Midnight Oil, Mr Bungle, Order Of Chaos, The Wolves

1999 - Alarum, Alchemist, Damaged, Dreadnaught, The Ember Tide, Fear Factory, The Meanies, Order Of Chaos, Sodaracer, Strapping Young Lad, The 5,6,7,8s

1998 - Alchemist, Dreadnaught, The Ember Tide, Fear Factory, Hunters and Collectors (2), Midnight Oil, Spineshank

1997 - Blood Duster, Earth, Entombed, Fear Factory Machine Head, Misery Loves Co., Prodigy, Soundgarden (2), Supergrass, You Am I

1996 - The Cult, Hole, Ministry, Prodigy, T.I.S.M., Tumbleweed

1995 - Abramelin, Blood Duster, Body Count, Cannibal Corpse, Damaged, Ice T, Faith No More (2), Lou Reed, Mr Bungle, Nine Inch Nails, Primus, Suicidal Tendencies, Tool, Therapy?

1994 - Bodyjar, Fridge, Fur, Kim Salmon, Magic Dirt, Mantissa, The Meanies, Pantera (2), Rollins Band, Sacred Reich, Sepultura, Suiciety, T.I.S.M., Tumbleweed

1993 - Body Count, Faith No More, Guns n' Roses, Hoodoo Gurus, Nursery Crimes, Redd Kross, Rose Tattoo, Scarymother, Skid Row, Suiciety, T.I.S.M., You Am I

Venues I've Been To

Venues I can remember having been to see bands at, in alphabetical order, are as follows (all are in Melbourne except where indicated):

The Armadale Hotel, The Arthouse, Braga Sky nightclub (Bandung), Breaker's (Moonee Ponds), CBD nightclub (Satan's Place, DV8), The Corner Hotel, Docklands Stadium, Edward's Tavern, The Empress, The Esplanade Hotel, EV's in Croydon, Festival Hall, Gedung Saparua (Bandung), The Greyhound, Hallam Hotel, Hanging Rock, Joey's in Prahran, Latrobe University, Melbourne Park, Melbourne Showgrounds, The 9th Ward, Olympic Park, The Palace, The Post Office Hotel, The Punters Club, The Public Bar, Regent Theatre, Rock City (Nottingham), The Saloon (Launceston), The Tote, The Tut n' Shive (Doncaster, UK), Queensbridge Hotel aka QBH, Wall St (now the HiFi Bar). Like everything else on this page, this list is pretty much for my own records anyway, as nobody else is likely to give a rat's arse!

Last updated: 21 July 2007