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About Me

I'm not sure quite why anyone would want to know about me anyway, but in case anyone actually does, I suppose this page says a few things about myself. Anyway, I was born Melbourne a while ago. I think I was quite young at the time. I still live in Melbourne, but go away as often as possible. My main interests are sport,music and travel, as will be shown in sections below.


When in Melbourne I spend half my time at my grandparents' house (on my Mum's side), and as much time as I can with my family at Dad's house. I have two brothers (24 and 18) and three sisters (22, 16 and 14). There is also a nice dog called Dusty, and a cat called Escher, who I am now pals with. I spend as much time as I can with my grandparents in Tasmania.


As most people who know me in person will already know, my sporting teams are among my major passions. I support Everton Football Club in England, St Kilda FC in Melbourne, and as far as Rugby League goes, St George and St Helens are my teams. Can you sense a theme developing? Nicky Winmar, the Aboriginal great who played for St Kilda is my greatest hero. Most people who know me will already know that too... I've been going to watch St Kilda since 1989, and have been a member since 1995. I was in England for the 1997 season, but flew back to Melbourne for the Preliminary and Grand finals. Though we lost it was well worth it. I never would have forgiven myself if I'd missed a St Kilda premiership.

Despite supporting Everton since 1984 and seeing them in Melbourne in 1987(?), I didn't get to see them in England until April 1997. Have managed to see 24 games or something like that over there since then though. I've only seen St Helens once, at the Challenge Cup Final at Wembley in May 1997. I see St George whenever they play in Melbourne, and drove up for the 1999 Grand Final with my mate Glenn. As far as playing goes, I play soccer every sunday in winter, and cricket on the odd occasion when I'm in Melbourne for summer. I played Aussie rules footy in 1991-92, then 1998-99 but gave that the arse after breaking my clavicle. I played soccer for 3 years, but these just play lawn bowls for my work team!


Another of my greatest interests is music. I listen to a fair range of stuff, largely from rock to metal. The first bands I got heavily into were Guns n' Roses, Alice Cooper, Faith No More and Skid Row, in about 1989. At that time I was also listening to a few Australian bands like Midnight Oil and Noiseworks. These days my favourite bands would include Iron Maiden, Faith No More, Living Colour, Midnight Oil, Death, Opeth, At The Gates, Megadeth, Alice Cooper, Arch Enemy, Carcass, The Meanies, Soundgarden and Suicidal Tendencies, among others.

Bigger bands I've seen live include Pantera, Sepultura, Suicidal Tendencies, Faith No More, Mr Bungle, Midnight Oil, Joe Satriani, Velvet Revolver, Hunters and Collectors, Cannibal Corpse, Soundgarden, Rollins Band, Redd Kross, Skid Row, Guns n' Roses, Machine Head and Fear Factory. I've also seen the likes of Supergrass, The Cult, Ministry, Hoodoo Gurus, Rage Against The Machine at festivals like the Big Day Out. I get to as many gigs as I can around Melbourne...luckily it is a great city for music. My favourite local bands include The Meanies, Dreadnaught, Dungeon, Anarion, Vanishing Point, Alarum, Blood Duster and Earth. The best venues in Melbourne as far as I'm concerned include The Tote, The Esplanade Hotel, The Hi-Fi Bar, The Empress, The Arthouse, and EV's in Croydon.


Whenever I don't have to attend uni I'm off interstate or overseas. It's where most of my leisure expenditure goes, along with buying CDs. So far I've been to Indonesia (five times), Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Britain (England, Scotland, Wales), Ireland, Paris, Holland, Wellington (NZ), Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa. I go to Tasmania at least once a year, and have been to every other state and territory in Oz except WA, as it's so bloody far away. Australia's a great place to travel, but everything touristy is bloody expensive. They know how to take advantage of tourists and other backpackers in my country. I intend to see more of Europe at some stage, but given the state of the Australian dollar (thanks Mr Howard - dickhead) Asia is much better value at the moment.